Company Overview


Probiotic Air Solutions is proud to offer the full line of BettAir products.  It is through extensive research and testing that has caused us to partner with BetterAir.  No other solution can do what the Envirobiotics™ in BetterAir can do, Period.  We don’t cover the issue or make it unnoticeable.  We eliminate it at it’s source with an all natural and safe solution.  

What We Do?

By diffusing Environmental Probiotics into enclosed living and work spaces, BetterAir’s patented formula  purifies a room’s air, objects and surfaces.  BetterAir Probiotics are comprised of carefully cultured strains of Probiotics called Bacillus Ferment.  Billions of Probiotics are released into the air at a micron level. These beneficial bacteria consume organic irritants such as pollen and dust mite fecal matter and eliminate the environmental allergens causing disease and allergies.  They crowd out and starve pathogens, propagating their food source and space, and restore the natural bacterial ecology, thus bringing the best of what’s outside….inside.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Enviro-Biotics™ not only improve indoor air quality, but also clean naturally, automatically and repetitively every area of the indoors. Enviro- Biotics™ land on surfaces and consume the resources available to harmful bacteria such as dust mite excrement, pollen, pet dander and shed skin cells.

Patented Design & Technology

BetterAir’s patented technology is designed to continuously release Enviro-Biotics™, a vapor compound comprised of an organically cultured strain of probiotics called Bacillus ferment. Billions of micron-sized Enviro-Biotics™ are emitted into the air to form a protective shield of microflora to purify the air, surfaces and inside objects.
The Enviro-Biotics™ work on a microscopic level and penetrate places impossible to reach consuming pollen, dead skin cells and dust mite fecal matter, considered as leading causes of allergies and stale odor. The result is cleaner air and surfaces, a healthy microbiome and a balanced indoor space.