Problem and Solution


Over millions of years, our bodies have evolved to thrive in an outdoor environment that is comprised of approximately 90% good bacteria (probiotics) and 10% pathogenic or harmful bacteria.

However, our indoor environment (where we spend as much as 90% of our time) can contain as much as 90% pathogenic or harmful bacteria and only 10% good bacteria (probiotics).

This is resulting in a
series of growing
health issues

– Allergies

– Asthma

– Colds and flus

– Infections

– Compromised immune systems


Better Air is a simple, natural solution. We reset the indoor environment to the optimal
conditions that our bodies were designed to live in.


BetterAir products diffuse patented probiotics into the indoor environment (mimicking the normal outdoor ecology) so humans can operate at peak efficiency.

How This Works:

  • Our ProBiotics consume the food resources that harmful bacteria require in order to propagate, thereby minimizing the presence of harmful bacteria and increasing the presence of healthy bacteria.
  • As a comparison Air Purifiers are designed to destroy all bacteria in the air, good or bad, and do not impact bacteria on surfaces or objects.

About ProBiotics:

  • ProBiotics are naturally occurring bacteria of a beneficial nature. They have no side effects and are completely safe.
  • The biggest market presently, for ProBiotics is as a food supplement and it is a multibillion dollar industry.